Prayer Request – 2056

Please pray for deliverance for my son Jasper from the spirit of addiction, stagnation and a deaf & dumb spirit.

Prayer Request – 2055

A friend’s marriage is hanging in the balance. Pray for forgiveness. Pray for their children.

Prayer Request – 2054

To experience God powerfully back in my life again, to manage grief of identity after loss of loved ones, confidence to continue my life journey and courage for God's purpose. […]

Prayer Request – 2051

Haven’t been motivated to do work and I’m a senior in high school who graduates soon, and I don’t know what to do

Prayer Request – 2049

I am a new believer and my husband is not on board. I am attacked daily with his negative remarks.  He is watching all of these different videos on theologies […]

Prayer Request – 2047

Prayers for more foster families in 2024. Our state needs families so desperately to provide a safe space for these children and to be a support to their bio family […]

Prayer Request – education system

Pray for wisdom in our educational system: that those who lead will do so from God’s perspective, using His wisdom for the need of each child.

Prayer Request – prayerworks

Praying for God to select and assign more laborers to host His presence at Prayers Works and assist in the staffing. That the 24 hour channel of blessings descending and […]